The Historical past of Yoga – The place Did Yoga Come From?

Nobody is aware of precisely how previous yoga is. It originated so long as 10,000 to 5000 years in the past. It was handed down orally and has gone by a lot evolution. The earliest reference to Yoga was discovered when archeological excavations have been made within the Indus valley – an incredible highly effective and influential civilization within the early vintage interval. This refined tradition developed across the Indus river and the lengthy gone Sarasvati river in northern India, on the border in direction of Pakistan and had sewage methods, baths as early as 2,600 BC founded Jyoti Ashram.

Whereas many religions proceed to wish to make yoga their very own creation, it belongs to all of us. It has many sides that may be discovered within the Hindu and Buddhist religion, however the primary principals are common and based mostly on “the eight limbs of yoga”, which will be present in all religions.

The Historical past of Yoga is outlined as 4 intervals:

Vedic Interval, Pre-Classical Interval, Classical Interval, Submit Classical Interval and the Trendy Interval

Historical past of Yoga

Yoga is claimed to be as previous as civilization itself however the oral transmission of the observe, has left a number of gaps in its historical past. Earliest archeological proof referring to yoga’s existence is present in Mohenjodaro seals excavated from the Indus valley, depicting a determine seated in a standard yoga pose. The stone seals place Yoga’s existence round 3000 B.C

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