Parental Controls Are There to Help You

Television, movies, music, video games, and the internet- all these forms of media have expanded our world and brought information and entertainment to millions, with all this unlimited information however comes danger. Media consumption among our children is at an all time high. Children are exposed to the internet and television at home and at school. It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure your child surfs the web safely or views no offensive films in class, but when the kids come home it’s up to you- the parent- to guide your children through the jungles of the media.

For many people it would seem as if today’s standards for entertainment have been lowered. Some would argue that because parents have the ability to automatically filter and block inappropriate material adults should have easier access to questionable programming.

Parental controls have been created for televisions, computers, DVD players and other electronic devices. The point of these controls is not a substitute for parent supervision, but rather a tool that can be used to combat the overwhelming number of questionable materials that can be easily accessed.

o Television Parental Controls
The most well known parental control for the television is the V-chip. The V-chip blocks programming by the rating it’s given. The rating is embedded in the broadcast information of a program, the V-chip recognizes the ratings and blocks them according to the settings placed by the parents. Most televisions in homes today have a V-chip and the information on how to program them can be found in the operator manual for the TV.


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